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I attended the Sloan-C Emerging Technologies conference in Las Vegas week, and met a really cool vendor: Spoke! by Bluehost.  Get this: for faculty, they are offering a unique domain, and a robust web hosting service for free!  

I went and registered www.brooke-debock.com.  There is not much there now, but I am planning to implementing some of my teaching and learning support materials there!

Thanks, Bluehost!

UPDATE: You can request a free educator code by contacting Vartan Quzounian at Bluehost.  Please indicate the state that your institution is located.



6 responses to “www.brooke-debock.com

  1. Kathleen Bishop

    Will, you are the best! Thanks for sharing the info I will check in to it. I know that you are really enjoying your new job but we sure miss you here at Kaplan! Kathy Bishop

    Kathleen A. Bishop, MS, Ph.D. MR260-01 C-Term MR275-01 C-Term Twitter: drkabishop

    “If you wish to awaken your students to their full potential you must begin by awakening to your own.”

  2. That’s cool as can be. Instructors should consider the advantages of having their own domain for hosting supplemental material for their students. This makes it much cheaper.

  3. Very cool! I love that Bluehost says, “You don’t even need to know a single smattering of code.” The possibilities are endless and EASY. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Kathy, Dennis and Laurie! It is great to hear from the old gang again!

  5. We love your article. We will be rolling out student to faculty engagement tools to make the most of student and faculty hosted portfolio sites.

    Love the video link as well. Great laugh.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this, Will! You are the best. Can’t wait to try it out. Your Innovations Lab Fellows really miss you! Be happy and well!

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