Hello Southern New Hampshire University!


I am pleased to let all my friends know that I have a new job.  I have been offered the position of Senior Instructional Designer at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).  Originally I wasn’t going to even apply for the job, because it was further away from home than I wanted, but after I interviewed over the phone, I suspected that this was going to be a good fit.  After I interviewed in person on Tuesday and saw their operations, I knew that I wanted to be associated with this organization.

Will Brooke-deBockThe position leverages many of skills that I developed working for Kaplan University: working knowledge of large scale course development, teaching/coaching/training skills, practical nuts-and-bolts knowledge of key rapid elearning development tools, and solid, applicable instructional design theory and instincts.

But you know what is really great?  It will be great to work for an organization that is growing, that is committed to keeping costs down for students*, and that has been recognized as the 12th most innovative business (all organizations NOT just school) in 2012 by Fast Company magazine.  Not to mention that SNHU being serially mentioned as one of the “Best College to Work For” according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

* Based on publicly available information, the tuition costs for an online Bachelor’s degree varies greatly.  Here is a sample:

  • University of Phoenix = $70,200
  • Kaplan University = $66,780
  • UPenn World Campus = 60,480 ($504 per credit, part-time)
  • UMass Online = $44,400
  • Southern New Hampshire University = $38,400

9 responses to “Hello Southern New Hampshire University!

  1. Congrats Will. Sounds like a good fit for you. You are missed bty.


  2. They are so lucky to have you, Will! I wish you much success.

  3. Right on, Wil ! There IS life after Kaplan ! enjoyed my eight years at KU, as did you I am sure, but I am enjoying University of Maryland University College even more. Many many years ago, I taught on-line at SNHU/NHC, using tin cans and strings (which were the cutting edge, back then). You are a superb addition for SNHU.

  4. Bravo, Will. I hope you will keep up the blog in your free time.

  5. So happy for you!! Glad something wonderful came together so quickly!

  6. Congratulations, Will! I agree with Annesa. Hopefully once you settle into your new role, maybe I’ll see you at conferences like the POD Network. Congrats, happy holidays, and a very happy New Year! -Kella

  7. That is wonderful Will. I know you will have wonderful success and they will benefit from your knowledge and excitement.

  8. Will congratulations! They are sooooo lucky to have you! I know that you will bring lots of creative ideas, fun, and expertise with you and they will just love as all of us do. Good luck and I hope you’ll keep in touch when you can with your fans! Blessings for healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year! Kathy Bishop

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