Phaser Practice made with Scratch

My boys and I have been learning to code with a great free program from MIT called Scratch.  It is object-oriented programming with an amazing visual interface.

The image to the left is a large chunk of code that we created for the “Phaser Practice” that we finished up this weekend.

What you can see from the image is that there isn’t any tedious typing up long lines of code with obscure syntax.  All the elements are color coded and they lock together with a pleasing lego-like click.  You can only fit certain elements together and again the visual quality of the objects make it almost intuitive to use.

You still have to do the hard work of programming and that is developing the logic of the program and how it will be executed.  It takes  analytic skills and determination.

I am here to tell you that all children should learn the basics of  programming. Programming “literacy” is a practical skill that will pay off for students for a long time!  And Scratch is the easiest way I have found to get my young kids into it.  As my son Morgan commented after learning some of the basics: “This is cool.  I don’t look at games the same way now!”

Click on the image below to see Phaser Practice in action:


I have also screen-captured some video of how scratch works.  I will try to edit that and get it out on the blog this week.

Have a great week,

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