Classic Movies

I am assuming that this is a national trend —  it sure seems like a number of movie theaters are occasionally or regularly showing classic movie on their screens.  Last night I saw the Mel Brooks’ movie The Producers at the Memorial Hall in Shellburne Falls, MA.  It was funny!

The “Spring Time for Hitler” scene in The Producers

At least four theaters within 35 miles of me are showing classics:

Fun. Fun. Fun.


2 responses to “Classic Movies

  1. In Seattle, the paramount theatre has a silent movie showing night that rocks. They bring in live musicians as well! Good stuff.

  2. Some of our local communities show classics during the summer at local outdoor venues. As for the Mel Brooks’ The Producers – omg. My favorite comedy of all time. Springtime for Hitler always makes me crack up. Zero Mostel was the perfect Max Bialystock and Gene Wilder can’t be beat. Young Frankenstein is another fav of mine. Thanks for the fun memory. Now I have to watch those movies again.

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