Art: Sanford Biggers

I love Mass MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, MA).  Earlier this summer during my vacation, I spent a day at the museum by myself!  It was great!  There was a strong exhibit of contemporary art from Canada, and an interesting exhibit inspired by the Italio Calvino book Invisible Cities. (Although my personal favorite from Calvino was The Baron in the Trees.)

But my favorite exhibit this time around was Sanford Biggers: The Cartographer’s Conundrum.  This was new to me, accept that I am a fan of the science fiction writer Octavia Butler, who unknown to me, was part of the emerging Afrofuturism genre.  From the program:

The Cartographer’s Conundrum is a major multi-disciplinary installation By New York-based artist Sanford Biggers. This new work is inspired by the Houston, Texas based artist, scholar and Afro-futurist John Biggers (1924-2001). A cousin of his subject, Sanford Biggers’ goal is to both study and expand the emerging genre of Afrofuturism, which engages science-fiction, cosmology and technology to create a new folklore of the African Diaspora while simultaneously illuminating the underrepresented career of master painter and muralist John Biggers.

I was enchanted by the exhibit!  It was all space and angle and jazz and church!

It felt inspired, yet broken, and perhaps somehow, holy.

Here are some pictures.

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  1. Very Cool!

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