Free Webinar Today! (02.15.2012)

Click here ( between 11:45 AM and 12:00 PM ET, check “Enter as Guest” and sign in!

Topics planned are:

  1. Pinterest – Another web curation tool which is getting a lot of buzz these days.
  2. WeVideo – An online collaborative video editing application
  3. Windows LIVE Movie Maker – This different then the regular Windows Movie Maker tool.
See you there!

One response to “Free Webinar Today! (02.15.2012)

  1. Will: I don’t know if this fits into your HOT schedule, but I’m wondering if you would talk a bit about web browsers. I’ve always been a Firefox person, but lately I’ve been a little annoyed at the frequency of their updates and incompatibilities with environments like Blackboard (specifically, FF10 doesn’t play well with BB8 – particularly in the gradebook). So, I’ve been experimenting with Chrome because it has a very cool interface and nice gmail reader. The problem with Chrome is that when I click on a file that I want to read, it always wants to save it somewhere. In FF, I get a choice of just opening it from the cache or saving it permanently, but with Chrome it always wants to save)

    I get so many temporary files, from students, e-mails, etc, that I end up putting the temp files on my desktop and then deleting them later, but that’s annoying.

    I use LastPass (for passwords), Lazarus (for restoring forms when I accidentally click BACK just before posting a discussion entry), Zotero (for citations), and Fireshot (for quick printing). Oh, and then I keep IE Tab around in case I have something that ONLY works in Internet Explorer. So my question is:

    Do you use more than one browser depending on what you are doing, or is it normal to have three of them on my desktop?

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