H.O.T. Lunch on Wednesday at 12 Noon ET!

Join me tomorrow (Wednesday 02/15/2012) at 12 Noon ET for a HOT (Hands On Tech) Lunch!

I have three technologies on the menu:

  1. Pinterest – Another web curation tool which is getting a lot of buzz these days.
  2. WeVideo – An online collaborative video editing application
  3. Windows LIVE Movie Maker – This different then the regular Windows Movie Maker tool.

It’s free!  It’s fun!  And it is all on-line!

Thanks to the Marlboro College Graduate School, I can have up to 100 people in the session at one time!


6 responses to “H.O.T. Lunch on Wednesday at 12 Noon ET!

  1. Will,

    What a lovely place setting 🙂 See you then!


  2. Will, I am teaching at that time. Will there be an archive available?

  3. Where will I need to look for the link to the archive for this wonderful opportunity I missed

  4. Great Hot Lunch, Will! I had to duck out early to pick up my son, but I had fun and received my Pinterest invite today as well, so it was just a 2-3 day wait on the “list,” lol–you are probably right about the waiting list being a marketing strategy. 🙂

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