Wacky Wellness! (Guest Blogger Laurie Hansen)

[Editor’s Note: I am pleased to have Laurie Hansen as a guest blogger today.  She is an amazing talent.]

Looking for fun and fitness?  Red Frog Events hosts three extraordinary experiences  around the world: Beach Palooza, a race through obstacles on the beach ending with a bonfire, pig roast and music;  The Great Urban Race, for city slickers who enjoy a scavenger hunt for a mental and physical challenge;  and The Warrior Dash a rugged, running race ending in music and celebration for thrill seekers who enjoy demanding terrain.   Registration runs from about $40 to $60 per registrant, per event and events are geared toward adult participants.  See the silliness for yourself here! Outrageous!


A Warrior helmet tip goes to Alli, Warrior Dasher and fellow colleague, for the tip!


One response to “Wacky Wellness! (Guest Blogger Laurie Hansen)

  1. Will,
    Thank you for the kind editor’s note! It takes one to know one 🙂

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