You Matter Young Leaders!

For Angela Maiers, “mattering” is

“not an ego thing, it is a DNA thing.  We were made for significance”

In my opinion, Angela’s genius is not in pointing out that people often feel insignificant and it is nice to tell people that they matter.  Of course, yes, it is a nice thing to do.  But from a teaching perspective and a leadership perspective, the genius is how it works psychologically.  In a nutshell, people want to be:

  1. Noticed.
  2. Valued.
  3. Depended upon.

As Angela says, “When you ask for genius, it usually shows up.”  Noticing, valuing and depending on others “raises the bar” for the person being told they matter and that is when genius is cultivated and shows up!

My friend Laurie Hansen and her kids (and their friends) embody this process through an amazing video they created in response to Angela Maiers TEDxDesMoines talk.  Watch it below:

Read about their continuing adventures on their blog: You Matter Young Leaders Blog.


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