This marks the end of an era!

Today marks the end of an era! Four and a half years ago, in July 2007, I wrote my first article for a new a Kaplan University publication called the “Innovations Lab Blog.”  After 802 articles, which have been read over 164,200 times, this will be my final article for the Innovations Lab Blog!

For a number of reasons, Kaplan University decided not to continue its sponsorship of the Innovations Lab, and I have taken a content-developer position at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Kaplan.  My duties in this new role will not include blogging nor teaching live events regularly.

But starting on January 1, 2012, the blog at this URL will be a private enterprise.   I will no longer represent Kaplan University in any way on this blog.  My thoughts  and opinions (and those of guest bloggers) will not reflect those of Kaplan, Inc. or Kaplan University.

As a reader of this blog, you will not need to do anything: if you are subscribed by email or rss, the feed will continue to work.  If you visit us here regularly here (at, we will still be here adding new, inspiring content!

I want to thank Kaplan for the opportunity to start the Innovations Lab, and now  working with me to transition the blog assets to me as a private citizen.

The best is yet to come!


3 responses to “This marks the end of an era!

  1. Will,
    I’m so glad that the Innovations Lab will continue!

  2. Will,
    It has been a great pleasure working with you over the past several years. Your inimitable style and teachings at the Live Events will be sorely missed. However, as all of life consists of constant change, may this redirection offer you soul satisfying transformation. I will see you on the web!
    Happy New Year with all wondrous opportunities!

  3. Will,
    Good luck in your new adventure in education and in your private venture. I have enjoyed your articles and your blogging and will continue to follow you.
    Happy New Year!!

    Best Wishes,

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