Pick your N.O.s

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Laurie Hansen.]

Indeed, it’s an unusual name, but it got your attention, right?   It has nothing to do with your nose, but rather your eyes, sight and communication.  Pick Your N.O.s   is the idea of engaging in blindfolded, face-to-face conversation.  The founders, Mike Diaz and Chris Castro, are college students exploring opportunities to utilize the power to change the world.  Pretty awesome.


Via Rebekah Monson, Sun Sentinel


10 responses to “Pick your N.O.s

  1. Fantastic! I am so happy to see Mike’s project here. Mike has been to my class at Broward College and put them through the process the first week of the semester. He is coming back again on the second day of the Winter semester to do this exercise with the new students. He is wonderful and my students loved the exercise and learned a lot about each other early on in the class. I would invite him to your class if you have a face-to-face group and anyother groups that you work with outside of Kaplan.

    Kathy Bishop

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  3. I love this entry, Will. And it’s super sound advice. What I find especially invigorating about exercise – as someone who is finally making time to exercise usually an hour a day now – is that I feel like I’m much more “with it” mentally and come up with creative, thoughtful ideas, lesson plans, learning objects, etc. more readily. There’s something incredibly powerful about getting the blood pumping. Walking is wonderful too since there is no equipment to buy (other than a good pair of shoes and comfy, wicking socks).

  4. Kathy took the leap a few months back and, I must admit, it was powerful!

    Once unmasked, students wrote about their experiences and even shared essays with the class! Classmates talked about their attempts to match the voice to the face, many felt they knew the classroom on a more personal level, and others felt they were more comfortable being themselves. One student who had particularly poor hearing through his whole life wrote about a drastic auditory improvement when his complete attention was focused on sound.

    We are looking forward to working with Kathy and a number of other professors in South Florida and abroad in this coming semester! Our goal here at Pick Your New Opportunities is to bring sightless conversations to schools around the world, one classroom at a time.

    If you or anyone you know is aware of a teacher who utilizes the power of ice breakers on the first day of class, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our website, its out of sight!:)

    Thank you again Kathy and Laurie for helping make this dream a reality!

    CEO/ Founder of Pick Your New Opportunities
    Michael Luis Diaz

  5. Hello Michael,

    This is wonderful! I teach at Florida International University and Miami Dade College and always introduce an ice breaker! I think these make a difference in the way students connect with each other.

    I will definitely visit your website.

    Congratulations for making this difference!

    Ligia M. Houben

    • Hello Ligia,

      Thank you so much! We are all really looking forward to the sightless icebreakers being utilized at Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, and the University of Central Florida this upcoming semester!

      I would love to coordinate with you and discuss the procedure in the near future! Did you get a chance to look at the website?

      Looking forward to our future endeavors!
      Happy Holidays!
      Michael Diaz

  6. Awesome video about the project by Gabriela Bello titled “Listen”!!:]

  7. Mike,

    What a wonderful connections you have made within the IL community! Fantastic!


    • Laurie,

      Thank you so much!! I am honored to be featured on this wonderful site!!
      I hope you had a fantastic Holiday season!! Happy New Years!
      YOUR fantastic!:)

      With gratitude and cheer!

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