Sociology of Social Media Idea!

So I am working on a side-project developing a course syllabus on the Sociology of Social Media.  I am making some good progress on it.  Today I decided to see if my network of twitter friends could help me out.  So I wrote:

I got a few good links, and then this popped up.

Alex is a former Marlboro College student that I worked with back in the 1990’s.  (I think I acted in one of his student film projects when I worked in the Dean of Students office, but that’s another story altogether!)

I wrote back:

I hadn’t stayed close with Alex over the years, except through reading Facebook status updates.  But I gleaned that he worked as a Film and Television writer and had worked on pro wrestling programming.  Also that his career is headed in an interesting direction!

But look again at the content of the messages.  Alex, out of the blue, had a great idea for the class: study a real world meme (encoded as #IWantWrestling) as part of the class.  Well that’s brilliant right there!  But he also says: oh and here’s a resource to help you!  DOUBLE BRILLIANT!

Think about how cool it will be to study one aspect of social media (the role of social memes) by looking at an active, real-world example, and talking with the person who was part of its origin?  Is that not a totally cool idea?

We could compare that meme with the #YouMatter meme started by Angela Maiers, and maybe Angela could help us out too!

Now tell me: is this not a totally cool idea for a course?

Thanks Alex; thanks twitter!

4 responses to “Sociology of Social Media Idea!

  1. Indeed, totally cool idea! This is a neat site
    Now I can haz cheez burger? 🙂


  2. I would be honored to help! Another chance to be inspired by the amazing and passionate Ms. Laurie Hansen! Let me know what you need me to do! #YOUMATTER

    • Thank you so much, Angela!

      I’m working on the syllabus for a Sociology of Social Media course. One of the topics will be the characteristics and functions of social memes. I am going to want students to identify meme and do an analysis of them. I would like one of the example memes to be #YouMatter. I haven’t exactly decided how to work it yet, but it could be one of two things (or both.)

      1) You and I record an interview where I ask you about how you started the #YouMatter trend. Then students will review it at the appropriate time in the class
      2) OR.. depending on schedule, my students could interview (either Skype or asynchronously through twitter.)
      3) Or both.

      I have more work to do putting the whole course together, so I will get back to you directly.

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