Trying Stupeflix

Here at the Innovations Lab, we have been impressed with Animoto for a long time.  It is a web application that lets you take images and videos and easily create “rock video”-type of movies.  And I still think it is pretty darn cool!  But I decided to take Stupeflix out for a spin for a webinar I was teaching on “Images and Sounds” in teaching.  Here is what I created during the session:

Some points to consider:

  1. Free account allows for as many 1 minute videos as you want.  Free Animoto accounts can make 30 second movies.
  2. I think it allows longer video clips than Animoto.  (But I need to test that out.)
  3. You can’t download videos with the free account.

Well, I like it enough that I am trying a paid account for a month.  I am hoping that Stupeflix will be better for the continuity needed for digital storytelling!

I will test it out and report my finding in the next few weeks!


2 responses to “Trying Stupeflix

  1. Will,
    I’m anxious to hear the results of your experiment with Stupiflix. It seemed to move like a Prezi. It does allow more time per video, but I wonder if the effect is as powerful as Animoto. Maybe I’m just used to Animoto. 🙂


  2. Hi Will, thanks for the shout out!

    I’m very intrigued by your last sentence: better for the continuity needed in storytelling. This is precisely the direction we want to veer the product, could you develop what you mean by that in terms of features, themes, things you can’t do today on Stupeflix?

    Jeff from Stupeflix

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