Hello Goodbye

Big news from the Innovations Lab.


In a nutshell:

  1. The Innovations Lab has had a great run, but the University is closing it down.  Last IL Live Event will be 12/20/2011.  Last blog article will be 12/28/2011.
  2. Look for emerging innovations from the CTL at KU!  Stay tuned!
  3. After 12/31/2011, I will keep blogging & doing webinars as a private citizen.  Watch this blog for more information and how you can continue being part of my network and continue getting great ideas for teaching, learning and living!


32 responses to “Hello Goodbye

  1. Are you leaving Kaplan? Oh no!

  2. This saddens me do! You all have done amazing work, and I thank you truly! Dr. McCarthy

  3. I am very sad to hear this. I am still following you..so Prof deBock, I’ll be looking for you.

  4. Tell me it ain’t so! Keep on keepin’ on, Will. You do have a fan club!

    • My friend Tammy, I may have a fan club, but WE (all of us together) have a movement! We can change the world for the better one click at a time!

      We are going to have a blast while we do it too!

      I promise!


  5. I keep telling myself that change means we have the opportunity to grow and challenge ourselves. So, I look forward to seeing how @profdebock takes on social media and what we all learn from the adventure!

    • I have much to say about this, and I am sure I will over the upcoming months, but the first step is an invitation to join me in the new adventure. Organizations will come and go; organizations will operate under their own logic. But the connections we have made through the Innovations Lab will endure.

      Let’s change the world!


  6. Too bad! While I haven’t commented much, as a Kaplan faculty member I’ve had your blog on my automatic downloads and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the information.

  7. Will – I’ve so loved watching your videos and will def continue to follow your blog! Keep us posted on where you are! And let us know when you have your live events! These have been so helpful to me in my courses. I can’t begin to tell you about how many of your tips I have incorporated into my classes here at Kaplan. You will be sorely missed!

    • Linnea,

      Your message here is exactly why I built the IL in the first place, and it is why I will continue the work in new ways. I want to make a real difference in real classes!

      Will definitely keep everyone posted about changes. Also, look for some cool new stuff too coming in 2012!



  8. Hi Will
    This is a real shame as you have done such amazing work. Your commitment and enthusiasm is there for all to see. I really look forward to staying in touch as you embark upon the next phase of your journey of discovery. As a life-long fan of Liverpool Football Club the phrase that springs to mind here is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’!

    • Barnaby, my friend in Dublin! Thanks so much for the kindness and warm thoughts! I remember back when I saw regular hits on the blog from Ireland and finally figured out it was from faculty at Dublin Business School. I was thrilled!

      I absolutely KNOW that I am part of a community that transcends organizational structures. We are changing the world!

      PS: The recording didn’t turn work. But the conversations was great anyway. Would love to reschedule sometime when I have a better technical solution! Will be in touch!


  9. Wow! This is disappointing! The things you have shared have been so helpful. However, I read you post above and I agree that organizations come and go and make decisions we may not agree with. Will, please keep me in the loop so I can keep learning all this good stuff.

    • Thanks so much for the message Andrea! The Health Sciences faculty, in general, were early adopters and very enthusiastic. It was by coming to the department’s faculty meeting that I create one of my long-standing presentations: The Innovations Lab Sampler Pack! That was because of the response from Health Science faculty!

      So I thank you and your colleagues!


  10. Will, thanks for reaching out to us in such a personal way to share this news – the world has its bumps and you have a knack to roll with its punches. I am glad to have you as a colleague.

    This is for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlBiLNN1NhQ


  11. My initial reaction to this news was sadness, but I’m a dancer like you, and the stage has little to do with the music I hear or the movement of my feet. I value the IL as it has inspired and informed my work these past few years and it also showcased it through the Greenhouse and the Movie Users Group, and while I’m stunned that the CTL IL will be no more, I am also excited that what you built–the network you created–can and will continue the dance. I look forward to this blog’s renewal come January!

    • Chrissine, I love the two ideas here: 1) the experiment (let’s see what we (this wonderful network) will do in the future and 2) let’s dance and dance and dance!

      Also Chrissine… I loved the work you submitted to the Greenhouse. You always took away ideas from the IL and made them your own. Gracefully is the world that comes to mind!



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  13. Will, Congratulations in your new role at Kaplan! I look forward to being part of your live presentations. I know you will shine in whatever role you are in. I am so happy to see you are going to still be part of our Kaplan team. I could not imagine being here without your influence. You rock Will! I always learn so much from you. The future will be no exception.
    Take care Will, your devoted fan, Dora

  14. My Goodness! I cannot measure the influence the Innovations Lab has had for me… with a tear…. I thank you, Will! Your untiring efforts have made such a difference in my personal and professional life. Having been a recipient of the fellowship award, I so appreciate the many things the IL Lab has taught me and pushed me to learn, understand, and incorporate into my role increasing my effectiveness. The Blog on automatic email feed has kept me constantly learning and amazed. I only wish, I had just told you more often how meaningful your efforts have been to me. The good news as you have said is that you are not leaving Kaplan and that you will continue the Blog!! I love the old adage that some may say is corny…..but here goes anyway…..when one door closes………..it can lead to a whole bunch more doors opening to greater and wider things  ! You know you have all my best and all my support in all you do. You are valued – You Matter Much! Dawn

  15. Will your new Blog be located at the same URL?

  16. Thank you for all the great work you have done!
    I have learned a lot from your presentations:-)

  17. Will,

    Thank you for wonderful years of things that I might never have known if not for your creative and esoterically sound Innovations Lab.

    When you change to a new blog URL, please let me know.

    All my best to you in your new creations.

    Warm Regards,

    George Wolford, Ph.D.
    “Remember I didn’t say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth.”
    – -Morpheus from ~~The Matrix

  18. Hi Will,
    Yes, do keep the blog going! It is such an inspiration for me!

    Nanna Cross
    Health Sciences

  19. how can I join your new blog and get updates like I do now. You have introduced me to so many awesome things.

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