“The future of computing is about enchantment.”

David Rose was a professor of mine when I was a student at the Marlboro College Graduate School.  He was a dynamic professor who, even back in ’98, brought wonder and amazement to the classroom.

Since I studied with David he has gone on to found two very interesting companies: Ambient and Vitality.

Watch the TEDxBerkeley click below to see Rose’s vision of technology that might stretch your mind.


Here is a link to his deck for the presentation.


6 responses to ““The future of computing is about enchantment.”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Will! This was an enchanting video indeed, wonderful to learn about David Rose, Abient and Vitality! I will certainly share this with others.

    • David was a great teacher too. Each class started out with him sharing something cool and interesting. He made you want to see the world as an amazing place full of wonder.

      Thanks Dawn,


  2. Will,
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
    How wonderful that you were able to study with this creative genius. His allusions to Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Maxwell Smart and others brought back memories of a time when we believed all things were possible. He keeps the dream alive with his enchantment ideas. I want to go there!
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    To the future….and beyond

  3. I finally found this again, after seeing it at a glance in your posts and making a mental note to follow up. Thanks so much for your insatiable curiosity, it’s endlessly fascinating and exposes me to so many things I forget are in the world today. Keep it coming, pal! And I agree totally with your assessment of Prof Rose. You guys are a lot alike!


    • Great to hear from you! And thanks for the kinds words!

      I will definitely keep it coming! Jan 2012 is going to see some cool new things from me.

      Also, I am sitting on some other potential good news, but I can’t blabber about it yet.

      Oh, also planning a “Prof deBock Spring Tour” (title there is a little grandiose, but I like how it sounds!) and I am planning to do a public workshop in the Portland, ME area! That’s going to be a blast!


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