4,000+ total attendees @ KU Village 2011

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Marla Cartwright.]

What a fantastic experience KU Village 2011 was! Once again, we enjoyed connecting with colleagues, welcoming new friends, and enjoying a buffet of topics ranging from QR Codes, Scenario Based Learning, and Technology Tips to Hobbits, Heroes and Zen. We also heard inspiring messages from KU leadership including:

  • Andy Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc
  • Geri Malandra, KU Provost
  • Wade Dyke, KU President
  • Greg Marino, President of Kaplan University Group
  • Kara VanDam, KU Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Brenda Sugrue, Vice President, Learning Innovation and Research, Kaplan Inc.
  • Lori Williams, KU Vice Provost, Curriculum Development and Innovation
But don’t worry if you missed some goodies; archives are available at our www.kuvillage.org site. Here’s a breakdown of KU Village 2011 by the numbers:
  • 4,000+ total attendees
  • 54 hours of programming
  • 39 daily prizes awarded
  • 12 guest speakers
  • 4 dozen hours of presentations
  • 1 iPad Grand Prize Winner

And speaking of Grand Prize winner, that would be Quincealea Brunk, a Nursing instructor at Cedar Rapids, Iowa who just joined KU in August 2011. Congratulations Quincealea!

She says,

When I saw the poster for KU Village, I thought it would be useful to participate in to improve my online teaching skills and learn some ways to put a little ‘zap’ into the classes I am responsible for. It is an exceptional offering and one that I will highly recommend to my colleagues here in Cedar Rapids and throughout the School of Nursing for next year!

Next year’s KU Village 2012 is already in the planning stages and we invite you to join us next fall!

One response to “4,000+ total attendees @ KU Village 2011

  1. Great job everyone! I really enjoyed the sessions I attended at the KU Village too. Kudos to everyone involved in this huge project. I know your work will pay-off in improved instruction and even greater student success.

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