A Message of Hope; A KU Village 2011 Speaker

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.  Please note that Emad Rahim will be co-presenting at KU Village 2011 on the topic of “Managing Technology-Driven Learning for Nontraditional Student.”]

Emad Rahim recently shared the story of his life and education on the Kaplan University Intranet. His video narrative is so moving that I wanted to share with you in case you missed it.

In spite of experiences that may have made another man give up, Emad is accomplishing amazing things and conveys a message of hope for us all.

This film was created for the Scholars for Change program by students at Syracuse University. Thank you, Emad.



6 responses to “A Message of Hope; A KU Village 2011 Speaker

  1. Laurie, Fantastic as usual… I am excited to hear his presentation during KU Village….I sure hope he is not presenting at the same time I am…

  2. Thank you, Kathy! Emad is an incredible person. I am lucky enough to be hosting his session! I am looking forward to your session as well, Kathy!
    See you at KU Village 2011!


  3. Great Job Laurie I watched this video last week and shared it on my facebook page. As a faculty and staff member with the Kaplan family I love to share with our students stories of hope and encouragement from our own. I cannot wait to hear more during KU Village.

    • Alisa,

      Thank you! Actually, Emad’s session is about teaching and technology: “Managing Technology-Driven Learning for Nontraditional Student.” He and his co-presenter, Carol Hancock, are dynamic speakers.

      Looking forward to seeing you there!


  4. How wonderful Laurie! Thank you for sharing this video with us. I look forward to the presentation at KU Village!


  5. Great, I will see what time he is on the schedule and if I can I will pop in as well…KB

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