How to Embed Video into a Word Document

I have spent a lot of time teaching and spreading the word about embedding rich media into web pages — including class announcements. In my opinion, “embedding” is one of the most powerful developments on the Web in the past five years.

In an interesting twist on the concept, School Freeware has a very useful tutorial about how to embed YouTube videos into a Word 97 document.  There are a few tricky steps, but this little video tutorial makes it clear.

Here is an example that I created.

In a nutshell, Word does not “play well” with embedded videos, but PowerPoint does.  Therefore, embed video into PowerPoint, then embed that PowerPoint as an “object” in Word.

The key things I learned from this video:

  1. Correctly modifying standard YouTube URL to embed into PowerPoint
  2. Making Developer Tab active in PowerPoint
  3. Using the “Shockwave Flash Object” control in PowerPoint
  4. Setting animations correctly so that there is a thumbnail in Word Doc and that it runs on a double-click.
  5. This works only if the other party has Word and PowerPoint on their computer

Sounds tricky, but it really isn’t too difficult

[Hat Tip: Richard Byrne at FreeTech4Teachers.]


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