Global Inheritence

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Technology, Arts, Interactivity and Social Responsibility

Global Inheritance is “inspiring others to think creatively in solving world issues.”  How’s this for creative?  At Coachella 2011, DJs shared music with the crowds while friends provided alternative energy.   Turntables, speakers and lights were all powered by Human hamster wheels, energy see-saws, bicycles and solar power. Check out more about other events powered by Energy Playground.


3 responses to “Global Inheritence

  1. What a great idea – music and energy and green consciousness! Where did this take place? Maybe I missed it on the video

  2. So, cool, I am going to share this with a student who is writing her paper on this! THX, JoAnn

  3. Ellen Scalese

    What a unique concept!

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