What TED Prize Winner is up to now!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]
According to Magda Gallery, Parisian artist JR is a photographer who “works on the borders of art and activism. To him, the streets are one big art gallery and the city is a playground for gigantic shows.”

You can check out his work here.

But JR isn’t just any artist who want to make a change. As winner of the TED prize for 2011, JR received $100,000 and “One Wish to Change the World”. JR’s wish? To turn the world inside out with a participatory global art project.

And you can take part in this project. Just upload a self-portrait, tell your story, receive your poster, and then display for the world to see.  JR suggests a few ways to display your poster: Wheatpaste on the street, march with it in your community, hang it in a window.  You can also participate as a group or community! And, just to be sure, we’d suggest that you make sure your display is on your own wall or window.


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