Creating a Better Universe, Together

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

“Digital becomes tangible” at the Solheim RP/RM Lab. Have you seen the Vitraglyphic Process, where art meets math and science?  I find ceramics being duplicated by a 3D printer extremely fascinating.  Open 3D will give you recent updates about their discoveries.

Perhaps you would like to build your own 3D printer so you can “make thing after thing after thing?”  MakerBot offers a 3D printer that makes things by drawing with molten plastic.  What’s more?  MakerBot is open source and the Cupcake CNC version is an affordable 950 bucks!  “The cheapest 3D printer in the world… It’s like having your own little factory!”  Share your creations or check out what others have made at Thingiverse.


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