How Videos go Viral!

Mashable has an interesting infographic on how videos go viral. Here is a snippet about the US regional factors for viral videos.  Apparently Midwesterners share social videos at a higher rate than any other part of the US.  Interesting!

The information also touches on gender, age, and length of video, among others.

Click here for the infographic.


2 responses to “How Videos go Viral!

  1. Will, enjoyed that link again, although I have not seen that dog video…but I do love dogs. Just checking also to see if my pictures comes up, it did not last time and I posted it on the website you shared with us in a recent IL blog…lets see what happens when I post this one…
    Enjoy this beautiful Friday! kathy bishop

  2. No the picture did not appear again…guess I’d better go back to the other site to see why…

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