South Florida’s got Talent!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

You may remember the article we posted about the surprise opera performance in a mall in Argentina. Well, here is another, this time Seraphic Fire surprises patrons at the Aventura Mall in Miami.  Beware!  You never know where talent lurks.  A Random Act of Culture may hit your town soon!



6 responses to “South Florida’s got Talent!

  1. Laurie,

    I am in love with this phenomenon (also sometimes referred to as a flash mob). Pure old-fashioned music and/or dancing with no technology (except people taking pictures with their phones)combined with the element of surprise. I love watching the faces of the crowd as much as the performers.

    There’s something about taking music and dancing off of the stage and “mixing it up” in a normal everyday environment that emphasizes its beauty even more. The opera performance in Argentina was breathtaking and very moving.

    Here is another well-known “flash mob” performance designed as an ad for T-Mobile:


  2. I love Seraphic Fire. They are one of my favorite musical groups and flash mobs are so awesome! Thanks for showing this.

  3. Thanks Ruthy! I would love to see this live, wouldn’t you?


  4. This is so great! I like the one the Opera did at Dadeland Mall too:

    Do you watch Modern Family? They did an episode on it. Such a funny show!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Elyse,

    I have watched Modern Family once or twice but did not catch that episode.

    Thanks for commenting and sharing the video! Love it!


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