Lending Kindle Books

This is an interesting development.  Certain publishers allow the lending of Kindle books to other folks for a 14 day period.  Definitely not all of them — I looked through my Kindle books to check.  But it is cool that you don’t even need a Kindle to receive a book — you can download the free Kindle Reader for iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

Anyone want to try it?  Here is a book that I can loan:

Email me if you want to try it!  First come first served!


4 responses to “Lending Kindle Books

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  2. Will,
    I would love to borrow the book. I have Kindle on my PC.

  3. There is more to this story, than I got into this story.

    Apparently, there is a Kindle Book Lending Group @ http://www.booklending.com/

    I haven’t tested it out, but wanted to get the information out there.


  4. Will,
    I filled out the request. Let me know if you receive it. I am not sure if everyone who has the book is notified of the request or just a select few. I’ll let you know what happens from this end. 🙂

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