Mandala: Love Circles Back

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie’s Hansen.]


Mandala created by KU CE210 Math Methods Students

What goes around comes around, or, as Harry says, “Our love is like a circle.”  One of my favorite circles is the Magical Muheim Mandala Movie.  Film producer and artist Russell Maier was gracious enough to let my colleague Julieta and I use the Mandala Movie in a live presentation.  We spoke of using mandalas as a community building activity in our classes.

The mandala above is an example of a mandala that my students and I created as a group.  The students were so excited that they printed t-shirts with our artwork for all to see!  We even posted our collaboration to a mandala library at the Mandala Project site.  As you can see, mandalas can be very powerful…

Russell is harnessing this power by welcoming individuals to co-create 1Mandala where you are invited to share your “Peace Portrait” as part of a “Planetary Collaborative Art Project Celebrating Humanity’s Oneness.”  You are also invited to take action and help Russell build a library for underprivileged students, one book at a time.

Love circles back to you.  Won’t you join us?



5 responses to “Mandala: Love Circles Back

  1. Mandalas are part of the Tibetan culture for many centuries. They are not only beautiful when completed, but have great spiritual significance. When I used to run theaters and theater programs, we sponsored the Tibetan Monks for a week. They performed their sacred music to sold out houses and also worked on a multi-colored sand mandala for healing which was on display at our Hollywood Art and Culture Center. Open to the public to watch as the monks creted the mandal, several thousand people visited the creative event. The amazing part was when the monks dissolved the completed work of art and in ritual fashion, poured the sand into the intracoastal waterways to bless the area.
    Mandalas are powerful representations of intention.

    • Thanks Ellen! I would love to experience something like that! If you ever hear of an event, please share!



  2. Hey Everyone: I just found that 1Mandala also has a Facebook page as well as a Ning community – I just joined!



  3. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words Laurie. Your mandala making workshop is a great example of how the medium of the mandala inspires, deepens consciousness and… brings things full circle! Isn’t it exciting use this ancient spiritual tool with the latest social media technologies? The effects and the connections are amplified exponentially.

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