Don’t Drive and Text! Memory Lane. Updated

mike[Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we will repost a previously published article on the blog. Our community is growing quickly and that means this might be new to a lot of folks. This was originally posted on August 16, 2009.  It was written by IL Lab Fellow Mike Pouraryan with an update from Will deBock.  This article is informational.  The Innovations Lab does not endorse specific products.]

Hi, I am Mike and I am a self-confessed “textaholic.”

I have been on the prowl for something to help satisfy this habit of mine. Texting while driving is illegal in California now (and my 8-year old makes it a point of reminding me…). To solve my predicament, I have just found a solution: ZoomSafer.

zoomsaferZoomsafer is a product that gives “textaholics” like me the ability to dictate text messages and updates to social networking sites. It is slated to be available on all the major operating systems (RIM; iphone; symbian; Windows Mobile & Android). The basic service is free, but they also have a premium service slated for September that will enable “… users to create/send voice-powered emails, text messages, and Tweets…”

The Beta for the Blackberry is slated to be available this month.

For further information click here.

Enjoy your visit!!!

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Video of how the product works:


3 responses to “Don’t Drive and Text! Memory Lane. Updated

  1. This sounds like a Bad Idea. Cell phone use while driving causes a cognitive deficit. Even with your hands on the wheel, you’re still driving distracted.


  2. Indeed, Will! It is also related to our Richtel piece…


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