What is a MOOC?

A: A Massive Open Online Course.

From the video: “The MOOC is built for a world where information is everywhere.  Where a social network obsessed with the same things you are, is a click away — a digital world.  A world where an internet connection gives you a staggering amount of information.”



One response to “What is a MOOC?

  1. Will,

    Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful idea for learning and a wonderful way to emphasize that learning need not happen just in a physical or online classroom!

    I don’t attend formal schooling anymore, at least not at this time, but as a mathematician, I continue to learn new mathematics. Mathematicians are generally life-long learners of mathematics.

    I hope soon to begin my study and search for appropriate tools in algebraic geometry and number theory to simplify and expand my previous research work on certain kinds of polynomials over integral domains and finite fields. My two most recent papers definitely could use some simplification because the math is quite hairy, and the results are very complicated to state!

    My instincts for mathematical beauty tell me that there must be a more elegant and beautiful way of doing that work; if so, this will require advanced tools I do not have at the moment. And such advanced tools might help me expand this work; at the moment, I have no way to stretch my current tools much further. I would like to get started soon since I am very late in my work in this direction.

    A MOOC on algebraic geometry would be awesome! I wonder if they have such a thing somewhere.

    Jonathan Groves

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