Home for the holidays

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

I was so moved by this image in my neighborhood.  I guess it was my “mother instinct” or perhaps it awakened an old, almost-healed hurt in my heart caused by the loss of a sibling.  At any rate, whether we have soldiers in our lives, past or present, I am sure this will touch you in one way or another.

I dedicate this to all our Johnnies and their families serving our country at home and abroad.  A heart-felt thanks goes out to you all. Welcome home Johnny!


2 responses to “Home for the holidays

  1. Bless you for posting this!
    If you want to donate for soldiers through USO, here’s a link: https://www.uso.org/donatethanksfromeverywhere/
    Donate to feed Veterans here at home: http://www.feedourvets.org/index/home
    IF LIKE MANY OF US, YOU DON’T HAVE EXTRA PENNIES, sending words of love/thanks, to the folks overseas, who have sacrificed and are not able to be with their families – follow this link: http://www.uso.org/thanks/?src=e20101118_r_5s
    your messages might be worth more than gold to some………….

    • heat777,

      Thank you so much for sharing those links! I am sure they will help warm some hearts for the holidays!


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