Amazing Visualization of Public Health Data.

This five minute video is interesting on so many levels — from content to presentation style.  Enjoy!

3 responses to “Amazing Visualization of Public Health Data.

  1. My 10 year old son loved this video. He liked the visual presentation but he also grasped the ideas behind it. Lovely example of a learning object in my book.

  2. Will,
    This is such an amazing video that visually shows how exponentially our growth as a civilization has grown. My 24 year old son who graduated as a history major, found it totally fascinating and immediately sent the link to some of his friends.

    You may want to change the title of this blog post to “Amazing Visualization of Public Health Data.” :-0

  3. Will,

    This is so artistic! Perhaps if stats were presented as such when I was young and impressionable, I may have become a mathematician!

    Thanks for sharing!


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