Learning Object Library: VoiceThread

I am testing a new concept here at the Lab.  The idea is to create stand-alone Learning Objects that will walk people through the basics of some of the technologies that we know teachers are adopting and using.

The first one I have produced is on VoiceThread.  Highlights of this learning object are:

  • 6 short video tutorials on the basic functions of VoiceThread
  • Visual Quick Tips on the basic functions of VoiceThread
  • 3 videos of VoiceThreads with commentary from me
  • 3 examples and links to interesting VoiceThreads

So, if you’ve been curious about VoiceThread, this Learning Object Library Presentation might be perfect for you!

Click here to access the object.

Feedback would be wonderful.


3 responses to “Learning Object Library: VoiceThread

  1. I love this idea Will. I really want to try some of these innovations but really needed a step by step approach.

    Thanks so much! Ellen

  2. Had heard you talk about VoiceThread, but hadn’t seen it. Wow! What a cool tool.

    The examples were helpful. After I went through the intro videos, I was still skeptical about the educational value of VoiceThread. The examples cured that. I can see how it would help learners.

    One minor thing. After the intro video played, I wasn’t sure sure what to do next. Maybe “Click Intro to begin” at the end of the video would help.

    Good job, Will.


  3. Will:

    Now if we could be the visual with this we have a method to allow people to “virtually” see and talk to you….

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