Animoto: Beyond Bells and Whistles!

I’ve been a fan of Animoto for a while. But to be honest, I wasn’t convinced that its instructional value was quite as obvious as tools for screencasting, for instance.  I mean, I still thought it was useful and had its place in a teacher’s digital tool belt.

But Richard Byrne, teacher and author of the blog tells a small but remarkable story of using Animoto with his special education class.  Each student was given the task of creating a short Animoto about a key event in the U.S. Revolutionary War.  Then each student needed to research the context and background of the topic, develop a “script” about why they choose certain images and order, as well as creating an Animoto video which reflected their learning.  The project took two weeks, but apparently the students were pretty engaged.

Actually, the students were very engaged: 10 kids got A’s on a follow-up quiz!  According to Byrne, “For some of my students it was the first ‘A’ they had gotten in a long time.”

Now that is inspiring!


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