Clouds in my Coffee

[Editor’s Note:  This post seems perfect for a Friday in late October.  Laurie Hansen of the CTL wrote this article.]

Can boredom drive creativity?  Check out this video!   Pour me a cup, please!


6 responses to “Clouds in my Coffee

  1. Love this Laurie, it IS perfect for a Friday, thanks!

  2. Interesting, Laurie. In Spanish, the word “negocio” (business), means “la NEG: negacion del OCIO: ocio” (the translation would be to burn time and avoid boredom by doing something productive). In philosophical terms, most of the big businesses and creative ideas are derived from boredom and this is a great example!

  3. Julieta,

    I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing a multicultural perspective! We all need more time to dream and drink coffee!

    Gracias amiga!


  4. A coffee/dessert place, Dessert Oasis, in Rochester, MI, family-owned. There’s a 14-year old kid who can make patterns like this. Hearts, dragons, other things. Way cool.

  5. You are welcome, Amiga. Guess what? I am sipping a capuccino as I type yummy…Feliz Noche de Brujas 😉

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