GTD: Getting Things Done!

Do you suffer from priority inflation?  Are your to-do lists just not working?  Well, fret no more!
Will deBock shared some geek-inspired knowledge from David Allen with Kaplanites at a CTL Live!  IL session.  At the session, Will confessed he needs help.  I need help too, Will!  I felt like I should stand in front of the group and say, “Hi, I’m Laurie and I need help with getting things done.”  (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

This is not exactly a 12 step program, but Will did share a list of insights or “nuts and bolts of the Getting Things Done (GTD) System”:

1.      “Knowledge Work” does not play well with traditional time management systems.
2.      Your brain “ain’t so great” at retaining information and tasks.
3.      Your system must be trusted in order for your brain to stop fretting and get creative.
4.      Capture everything.
5.      Think (a little about categorizing) for everything.
6.      De-clutter non-actionable items.
7.      Projects are illusions; they are merely a series of sequential steps.
8.      Actions are conscious decisions about commitments.

In his session, Will also mentioned computer memory, RAM and ROM, and how we need enough for our systems to run appropriately.  Same goes for our thinking (see insight #2).  It helps if we get our tasks out of our heads (see insight #3) and organized in a program like Toodledo (see insight #4).

And what’s more, if your tasks are off your mind and in Toodledo,  it may allow for more REM.  Not the band . . . REM Sleep! 

Time saving tips = more sleep!  Well-rested me = PRODUCTIVITY and makes me a happy monster!

Thanks Will!

2 responses to “GTD: Getting Things Done!

  1. I attended Will’s talk, and since have made much better use of my online calendar – my husband and I have each created google calendars, and we merge them so that we can share our schedules, along with the kids, etc – it is a little time saver. Reading your post reminded me of something that was hung up on my grandfather’s refrigerator, probably given to him back in the 70s…who knows how long these have been around, but I thought it was appropriate for this topic!

    • Laura,

      Speaking of getting around to things–I just got around to reading through some recent blog responses. I have to dig through my box o’memoirs but I think I maybe in possession of an actual wooden round tuit.

      Thanks so much for sharing and for bringing back memories for me, Laura!


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