Remix: Big Huge Labs!

[Editor’s Note: REMIX blog articles are new articles that take a new look at technology that we have covered previously in an Innovations Lab Blog article.

This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Did you attend KU Village 2010?  At KU Village 2010, Kaplanites and non-Kaplanites united as this year the conference was open to the public, and by the way, it was AWESOME!

Thinking of presenting at KU Village 2011?  If so, you can self-promote by creating your own movie poster at BigHugeLabs.

At KU Village 2009, I presented with my esteemed colleagues and Will shared my homemade movie poster here on the IL Blog.   This year we were at it again!  Here’s our Big Huge Labs poster from KU Village 2010. See you next year!


2 responses to “Remix: Big Huge Labs!

  1. Jonathan Groves


    Rated G, eh? If a conference presentation is not rated G, then I would suspect something isn’t quite right appropriate about it, wouldn’t you say?

    I would need a camera to make such a poster, but I have no digital camera. The only camera I have is one of the old-fashioned ones that require film.

    I certainly enjoyed that presentation! I should start a blog someday, probably on mathematics and mathematics education. The math education side does present me with a problem that causes me to believe I should delay doing so: I still have lots of ideas that I need to work through and develop thoroughly. Ideas do not always need to be worked through thoroughly, but a blog full of partial or vague ideas or ideas about what to do in teaching math but without much clue as to how to apply them is not very useful for either myself or for others. Ideas that identify problems with math education without offering solutions, especially when they are problems most agree with, do not help much.

    Jonathan Groves

  2. Jonathan,

    I know this is a little late but I guess it is better late than never (I hope).

    Glad you liked the presentation! I encourage you to start blogging about math and real-world application. That would be awesome!

    You do not need a camera, just a photo file. I got the image from MS Word Clip art. You should make a math poster! If you do, please share!


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