Vermont Virtual Foliage Tour 2010

Autumn in Vermont is special.  I recently took some photos so my friends around the country and the world can do some virtual “leaf-peeping”!  (“Leaf-peepers” are the unofficial name that we Vermonters call tourists who descend on Vermont in September and October.)

Here is a little slide show…

And here is a link to the photo in a Picasa Web Album.



5 responses to “Vermont Virtual Foliage Tour 2010

  1. add van morrison’s, leaves come falling down, and you’re all set…
    thanks will

  2. Donna Liljegren

    Nice, Will! Makes me homesick for upstate New York!

  3. Michaella Hammond

    Fall always makes me think of Auden or Thoreau. Or Emily Jane Bronte’s poem “Fall, leaves, fall” ( or my personal favorite, Arthur Sze’s “The Shape of Leaves” (

    Poetry, fall, foilage, and Van Morrison. These are a few of my favorite things.

  4. I miss the fall foliage in New England. I am heading to Boston next week and I am hoping there are still some nice fall colors.

  5. Jonathan Groves


    Nice pictures! I take it that these pictures are recent. Am I right? We are just starting to turn color around here; we are a little late this year because of all the hot 90-degree weather that we had here in Tennessee well into late September. Such weather does not help leaves turn color for the fall.

    Isn’t it funny how we can see several trees nearby with one having turned all or almost all bright red or orange already and others around just turning color and others that are still almost entirely green? I see something like that all the time in early fall, and we see that in these pictures here.

    Some of the trees in the backyard at home are still mostly green or turning some shades or red or orange, but one has a large section of red now.

    Jonathan Groves

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