I have said in passing and in jest that my life is held together by Post-it notes. There is a Post-it app for them, by the way.  And check this out: One of my colleagues, Holli Vah (not Van!) Seliskar, one of our scheduled presenters for KU Village 2010, told me about an extremely cool 2.0 Post-it- ish program called Wallwisher.

The site explains, “Wallwisher’s janitor has a post-it overuse problem. He uses post-its as reminders, coasters, bookmarks, wrappers for used gum, to-do list managers, memos.” Sound familiar?  Read on!

Wallwisher can help you with:

  • Personal note taking
  • To-do lists
  • Party Invitations
  • Feedback Collection
  • Wishing people on occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries
  • Anything that might need input from a lot of people

Private for your own personal use or shared for collaboration, moderated or not, all you need is an email address and no sign up required!  And the real punch line: It’s FREE.  Although, there is a tiny (familiar sounding) drawback:  160 character limit on text.

Wanna write me a note?


One response to “Wallwisher

  1. Ooh, I saw this at KU Village, and I am excited to try it in my classroom!

    You know, that character limit has me thinking … What an interesting way to teach writing students about concise, economic language! Hm … I could even see an exercise where they post revisions of real clunkers I give ’em to fix.

    I love the idea of using it for birthdays, too! I always have a birthday slide prepared for seminar, and I ask if anyone has a birthday. I would love to extend those wishes to a dedicated area in the classroom, too. They crave that social connection.

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