168 Hours!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Q:  What time is it when you are short for time?
A:  Time to find more!

One of my colleagues was talking about time management and mentioned how we have 168 hours in a week… I thought… hmmm…and naturally, I Googled. ..and…found  a review of Laura Vanderkam’s 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

To sum it up:  Measure time, prioritize tasks, block out time or schedule time for necessary tasks and quit the unnecessary ones.   That was easy!

As it turns out, Slate writer, KJ Dell’Antonia “spent a week following Vanderkam’s regime… [and said] it was impossible not to conclude that Vanderkam was right…” (Due to the “168 hours regime”, an extra hour was gained!) And for those of you who are digitized, there is an abundance of time management apps, some free .

Tick tock!


2 responses to “168 Hours!

  1. Laurie,
    Can I use that extra hour to take a nap??
    LOL. Sometimes I wonder if we just shouldn’t stop time altogether and take a break to just be.



  2. Ellen,

    I’ll nap after KU Village 2010! LOL
    I am already fluffing my pillow…


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