A Flippin’ Love/Hate Relationship

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

I love and hate my Flip Mino HD video camera.  It’s cute, convenient, and easy to use.  It is also easy to erase footage unintentionally.  I lost some great stuff on our vacation and was so angry I wasn’t speaking to my camera for two days.   I eventually got over it.

Note to self: Stop to take the time to smell the roses and read instruction booklets.  The tip in fine print on the brochure tells me to “Hold delete button down to lock delete feature.”  Live and learn.  I also wish I had more time to tinker with the recordings of my precious memories.

Some of our summer vacation footage featured the family singing “Happy Birthday” to our cousin, much to her dismay.  Although convenient, we found the Flip footage to be a bit choppy upon playback.  Good news!  My dear, resourceful father-in-law may have found a solution.  And, O.K., I must admit, although I am sharing the following information, it is admittedly a bit over my head!

My father-in-law shared, “Here is a somewhat simple solution to choppy AVCHD footage:

  1. Convert the AVCHD footage to another HD format that is much easier for your computer to handle, High-quality MPEG, or .m2t files.
  2. Place your AVCHD footage in the timeline of your video editing software and render that footage out as a .m2t file.
  3. Get rid of your AVCHD file and bring the .m2t file into your video editing software.
  4. Add the .m2t file to your timeline,
  5. Start editing!

According to my father-in-law, “In many instances you’ll have similar quality video, but without the playback hassles.”   He likes Sony Vegas. Very apropos name for an editing program as editing video is definitely a roll of the dice for me!  Sounds like a great topic for our Moviemakers group! Editing, I mean.


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