My First Listen.

[Editor’s Note: The Innovations Lab does not endorse specific merchants or vendors.  This post is informational. This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

I finally purchased my first audio book from Audible. (The service allows you to download load a propriety audio file.  But the good news is that there hundreds and hundreds of Audible-compatible devices.) My new audio library

includes, “Your First Listen.”   So, for the first time, I clicked and listened to a four minute excerpt from an audio book.  It was a good, corny giggle and I forgave them after I realized it was Steve Martin’s Pure Drivel.

At any rate, I am off to explore a new world of audio books.  I am always complaining about not having time –for anything.  Let’s see if I can squeeze in some time for listening in places like the kitchen or at the grocery store.

Although driving may sound like the most logical place to listen, it rarely takes me more than 10 minutes to travel anywhere via automobile to transport the kids.  And, when I am driving, my darling tweenies monopolize the radio.   So the car wouldn’t be a good venue.   Unless… I guess we could listen to Seekers or 39 Clues .  Nah!


4 responses to “My First Listen.

  1. Hi Laurie! I love to listen to audio material when I drive. I don’t have to worry about the sweet chirping of tweenies, so I always listen to something while I drive, usually inspirational material. My latest choice is Defying Gravity CDs by Carolyn Myss. It also works well at the gym. Plug in your MP3 player and you are good to go with your audio book.
    These are great times in which to live. So many choices!

  2. I agree, Ellen! I like to listen to audiobooks while working out. I feel like I am accomplishing two things at once. Laurie, I have also downloaded free audiobooks from my local library to save some money!

  3. Thanks Cathy and Ellen!

    I wish I had this option when I was spending lots of time in the car! Listening at the gym will definitely kill two birds with one stone! Thanks for the tip about the library, Cathy! I need to explore that option…

    Happy listening!


  4. Jonathan Groves

    Dear All,

    I know that audio books are becoming more and more popular these days, but the only device I have for listening to audio books is on a computer. A CD player would work if audio books were available on CD’s, but I haven’t heard of any specific ones that are. I would guess that at least some are because I have heard of books on cassette tapes during the older days when cassette tapes were still current technology though it wouldn’t surprise me that they don’t put them on CD’s anymore.

    I find that if I try to listen to something–say a video lecture–while doing something else, I don’t catch half of what is said. For instance, I’ve tried browsing the Internet while listening to a video lecture, and that just didn’t work well.

    Some people are great at multi-tasking, but I’m nowhere as good at it as some people are. Some of the tutors at the Kaplan Math Center are great at working on something else during a slow tutoring session, but that doesn’t work too well for me because I have to keep interrupting my work every few minutes to check on the tutoring room for any possible new students coming by.

    Jonathan Groves

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