3D Street Art

The world is a magical place.  Some people make it more so.  Take Edgar Mueller and his 3D street art for example.

Click below to see a 2 minute video of how he does it.



3 responses to “3D Street Art

  1. Very cool, thanks Will!

  2. I love this guy! He does amazing work!
    Here is something else 3D related that also blew my mind and my heart:

  3. Jonathan Groves


    Thanks for sharing this video. When you say 3D art, you are not joking! Edgar Mueller’s painting in this video looks like a real ice pit, so people walking across his painting look like they are able to walk on air.

    I have seen street art before, but usually such art was drawn by colored chalk rather than by paint.

    I have wondered how one is allowed to do such art without being guilty of vandalism since sidewalks and parking lots do not belong to the artist. I would think that such artists receive permission from someone, but I’ve never been sure of who that someone is.

    Jonathan Groves

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