WE10: Launching Innovation. Defining Success.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Calling all girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)! You’ll be excited to know that the Disney Science Center is not the only reason to come to Florida. You can also join more than 5,000 women in STEM in Orlando, FL from November 4th -6th to attend the annual conference of Women Engineers WE10!

This event is hosted by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and, according to their website, “WE10 is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of forward-thinking women engineers and technologists.”  And this year will be the Society of Women Engineers’ 60th Anniversary Celebration!  “Throughout the

conference, participants will experience numerous career-shaping opportunities, as well as draw from the energy of SWE’s strong past and promising future to launch innovation and define success.”

Check out the conference schedule.  See you there!

[Editor’s Note: This is not a Kaplan sponsored event.]


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