Center for Helping Professions

The Kaplan University Center for the Helping Professions is an online resource for exploring and staying current in four of the helping professions:

  • psychology,
  • human services,
  • early childhood development,
  • educational paraprofessional.

You can visit the site “to learn about trends and issues in these areas … information …and our picks for the best Web resources.”  You’ll also find information about attending a free, informative webinar about Kaplan programs and you can subscribe to the RSS feed.  They even have a tour of a Kaplan online course!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]


One response to “Center for Helping Professions

  1. Jonathan Groves

    Dear All,

    Interesting stuff! I should check this out sometime.

    Psychology was my minor in college. I had started out as a math teaching major to go into high school teaching, and I had begun my education minor with the required psychology courses and later with several of the education courses. I later changed my mind about high school teaching and wanted to teach college and be a mathematician instead, so I switched to a regular math major (no big deal for me since at that point I had taken almost all the courses for the regular math major anyway!). But I had started the educational part of the education minor too late to graduate in four years, but the psychology part of that minor put me just one course shy of a psychology minor. So I switched to that minor to graduate in time.

    Psychology and psychology-related courses are popular here at Kaplan and at many other online schools as well (Argosy University is another such example). That is definitely one major that is not mathematics that I can relate to fairly well. Education is another.

    Jonathan Groves

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