3 days and counting: Greenhouse Submission Deadline!

Salt Lake City, UT
K. Higgins, 2009

You have three days left to submit your work to the KU Village Greenhouse.

Want your original photo to be part of our Greenhouse Countdown?  Send me an email at wdebock@kaplan.edu and your photo could be displayed here on the IL Blog over the upcoming days.


3 responses to “3 days and counting: Greenhouse Submission Deadline!

  1. Sorry, Will, I couldn’t help myself! Here is the scoop on Snelgrove Ice Cream:
    “Snelgrove ice cream was a sentimental favorite in Utah, Dreyer’s continued to make and distribute Snelgrove brand ice cream, using some of the original Snelgrove flavors like Canadian Vanilla and Burnt Almond Fudge. Snelgrove Ice Cream was sold in Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.”
    “Snelgrove Ice Cream began as a family owned company in Salt Lake City founded in 1929 by Charles Rich Snelgrove 1887-1976, and later managed by his eldest son C. Laird Snelgrove. The operation remained family owned until about 1990. The name brand is now owned by the Dreyer’s company, which owns the former Snelgrove ice cream factory… On February 19, 2008, Dreyer ice cream announced it would no longer make the Snelgrove brand.” Now that’s cold! Resource: http://www.museumstuff.com/learn/topics/Snelgrove's_Ice_Cream


  2. Woot! Thanks for that wonderful bit of history, Laurie! 😀

    Of course, now I just want ice cream. 😉

    The cursive on the sign always reminds me of the frosting loops on those Hostess cupcakes. I haven’t had one of those since childhood, but the frosting was the best part.

    Thanks, Will! Gotta love my Lomo + Redscale negative film.

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