Mindcipher touts itself as the “social repository of the world’s greatest brain teasers, logical puzzles and mental challenges.”  I found it well organized, easy to navigate and fun.

Here is an optical illusion that I found there. Can you find the hidden tiger in this picture?  I couldn’t.

Click over to the Mindcipher site for the answer.


2 responses to “Mindcipher

  1. Donna Liljegren

    Thank heavens I went straight to the answer. I could have looked for days and never spotted it.

  2. Jonathan Groves

    I agree with Donna. I don’t think I would have found it either. What makes this tricky is that, because of missing quotation marks, you think you are looking for a hidden tiger rather than the written phrase “the hidden tiger.”

    I should check out this site sometime when I have some free time to do so.

    Jonathan Groves

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