500th Article!

What is it they say on the web?  Oh yeah.  Woot!

Yes!  This is the 500th article posted on the Innovations Lab Blog!

There are a lot of people to thank, but the most important people are you, the readers of the blog!  The majority of you are faculty members who invest your valuable time and energy into following the blog and attending IL Live Events.  You do this not because anybody is making you, but because you love being a teacher and you always strive to get even better.

Thank you!

I am reminded of a quote from Stanley Kaplan that was much on my mind when I was starting this little venture called the Innovations Lab.

“My challenge as a teacher was to give students the tools they needed to get the job done. I had to keep students interested, keep them learning, keep them laughing, and — above all — build their confidence that they could succeed. I was the gentle nudger. I wanted them to love learning as much as I loved teaching. I used everything imaginable to stimulate the students — arguing, joking, teasing, cajoling, listening, deciphering, and probing. I dug deep into my bag of tricks and pulled out mnemonic devices… flash cards, scrawled blackboard diagrams, and flailing animated gestures.”
—Stanley H. Kaplan, “Test Pilot” page 37

Keep loving what you do!  Keeping digging in your bag of tricks!  And always, keep learning!

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