It takes a kitchen…

[Editor’s Note: This Article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Actually, the old proverb is:  It takes a village.  But let me ask you a question:  How many people can you fit in your kitchen? Me?  I once squeezed in 125!  Well, they weren’t in my kitchen, exactly — they attended our KU Village 2009 live session via my computer, which is housed (you guessed it!) in my kitchen.

KU Village 2010 will give me another opportunity to share with my learning community.  It is really exciting for all of us as here at Kaplan as 2010 has taken our annual conference global!  As mentioned on our KU Village landing page, “We expect our online conference to make a difference by providing the KU Village virtual space; a place where talented educators can learn from each other. We invite you to embrace KU Village as your learning community from September 20 – 23, 2010.  If you decide to join us, we expect that you will meet new friends, experience new ideas, and become a member of the KU Village.”

If you do, maybe you can visit me in my kitchen!

2 responses to “It takes a kitchen…

  1. I can hardly wait to visit your kitchen, Laurie! Just a word of warning: I may raid the cookie jar! 😉

    2009 was my first year at Kaplan and my first KU Village. I could feel the energy and dedication to learning radiating from my computer screen. Most of all, I felt like I was part of something larger. My colleagues were all so supportive and willing to share ideas. I had never seen anything like it.

    Since my first KU Village experience, I have applied so many of the things I learned. I can’t wait to try new things!

    • Karrie,

      I am so pleased KU Village 2009 was such a great experience for you! It was very energizing, to say the least, and this year will be even better!

      I’ll see you there, Karrie! And I’ll save you a cookie!


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