Introducing Women in Science!

Occasionally, the Innovations Lab will produce a series of blog articles, live events and interviews on a particular topic and for the next four to five week, the topic we will be exploring is: Women in Science.

During this time you can look forward to seeing blog articles on this theme, including teaching girls science and mathematics in grade school and high school, as well as interviewing female faculty members of the Kaplan University Science Department — we’ll also host a live forum featuring these women in science!

Date and Time for the forum will be published in the September CTL Professional Development Calendar.


One response to “Introducing Women in Science!

  1. Jonathan Groves

    Dear All,

    Cool! I might not be a woman, but I do support women in mathematics and science, especially since our culture still has trouble completely shedding the notion that science and engineering and mathematics are for men or are fields that men are far more likely to succeed in than women.

    I do wonder if many students from older generations believe in such myths–at least to some extent–because the remedial math classes I have taught online at other schools (I have never taught KU122 here except through tutoring at the Kaplan Math Center) tend to have far more female students than male students. For instance, in a class of 16, I might have just two or three male students. This has happened to me in every class so far, so I bet what I have seen is rather normal instead of rather freaky.

    By the way, several of my friends are women who are talented in mathematics and statistics.

    Jonathan Groves

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