IL TravelBlog: Summer 2010

Visiting “home” is always bittersweet.  During our summer travels, my family ventured up North from SoFL (South Florida) to visit family and friends as well as enjoy a little R & R.  We saw sights in the Big Apple 1,050 feet (320 meters) above, visited relatives in NJ and my old neighborhood, “The Island.” We explored Amish country and also went spelunking in Pennsylvania 120 feet below, all within one week!

Although there is little travel time to and from one of these places to the other, the cultures vary immensely and they are all very different from the east coast of SoFL.   Some interesting things we’ve encountered that we do not find in Delray Beach included a wild turkey living in the suburbs of Rutherford, NJ, Ringing Rocks in Upper Black Eddy, PA and a variety of characters in Washington Square Park, NYC.   Quite a contrast from Vogt Farm B & B and the plain people in Lancaster.

What interesting sights have you seen this summer?


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