Augmented Reality? Or Wishful Thinking?

Recently, I wrote a teaser piece on “augmented reality” and I am still thinking about this topic.  And as is my wont when I am thinking through new concepts and ideas, I look for counter-intuitive and the counter-factual examples or contexts.

So where does “made-up reality” bleed into the real world?  Maybe LARPing (live action role playing), but I think there are even more stark, less esoteric, examples.

How about bronze statues of fictional characters from classic television sit-coms?  Fictional characters memorialized in the physical world.

I came across Bob Newhart (the Chicago psychologist “Bob Hartley” edition, not the “Dick Loudon” Vermont Innkeeper edition), near Navy Pier in Chicago.

That’s my son reluctantly posing on Bob’s couch for me!

There are all sorts of these manifestations physically in our midst:


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