Cappadocian? It’s Greek to me!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by the CTL’s Laurie Hansen.]

Well, maybe Turkish, it depends on who you ask.   Researcher Mark Janse has discovered “a Greek-related language that most of his fellow linguists had for decades written off as extinct.”  In his latest work,  Janse formulated a hypothesis on Cappadocian.  At a 2006 Gavoustema, an annual Panhellenic reunion, Janse “spoke in Greek and in some Cappadocian.”  He was commended on his words that gave the Cappadocian people “back their pride and removing their shame.”

For a visual of this beautiful far-away land, (Well, far from South Florida, anyway) see “Fairy Chimneys” and churches carved from rock in Land that Time Forgot a “short documentary about the remarkable landscape of central Anatolia in modern Turkey known as Cappadocia.”


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